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These products last longer and are recyclable after use. ‘Eco-Friendly” products are manufactured from reclaimed materials or have been manufactured from reforested trees and sustainable plants. The adhesives & finishes are Formalehyde-free and Non-toxic.


Carpet “ECO FRIENDLY” & “GO GREEN” solutions..

Naturally grown & harvested Wool, recycled plastic discarded from
manufacturing processes, or recycled bottles and other plastics are utilized to develop and manufacture these recyclable products.  The yarns are dyed with corn extracts & other natural products, as well.


Hard Floor “ECO FRIENDLY” & “GO GREEN” products..

Friendly hard flooring solutions include sustainable Cork and Bamboo which grow quickly.  Reclaimed wood and wood from reforestation projects are also used.


Other Carpet solutions..

Man-made materials are used to manufacture Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic Wool & Wool Blends carpets.  We offer carpet sold by the yard, tiles or Custom Made Rugs.


Other Hard Flooring solutions..

Hard flooring solutions include Solid Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Laminates, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, Marmoleum , Sisal, Stone, Ceramic Tiles & More.


CitySpaces Commercial Solutions..

Our materials are Installed during off hours without interruption to your operation. Commercial Buildings, Government Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Churches & More.


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