Doug Hewitt

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Harvey Forman

Since 1975 Harvey has been contributing to the flooring industry gaining an expertise in every facet of flooring catering to Baltimoreans and surrounding areas. Harvey’s experience will bring an air of confidence to your flooring selection and purchasing experience.

Nathan Grayman

As Finance Manager at City Spaces for the past several years, Nathan monitors and limits overhead costs, manages vendor relationships, and is constantly finding new and innovative ways to improve profitability, making it possible for us to offer our customers the best rates on our flooring products. Amazed at our great prices? You have Nathan to thank. 

Tom Fox

Tom has been in the business for over 16 years withan extensive background in installing as well as his manyyears of experience in diverse sales environments.He has a discerning eye for detail and is an exceptional networkerand negotiator. When it comes to floors Tom's got you covered!!






25 Years